Phase 1-
Melfit  8 week “JUST START” Nutrition Plan 

What does that mean?  JUST START?   Can it be that easy?  The answer is YES!  I wanted to design a plan that  is attainable long term.  After years of being a Nutrition Coach AND Personal Trainer I know  that if the plan is too rigid and strict, you will not stick to it.  I designed this plan to “slowly,”  over an 8 week period of time, teach you the things I do everyday to maintain my physique.  I am no different than you are.  I don’t have good genetics and I can’t eat whatever I want.  I have to make a conscious decision EVERYDAY to follow a healthy lifestyle.  This may be uncomfortable at first, but when you see  results,  you will WANT to keep going!  I know when you reach the end of this  8 week  program you will have adopted many amazing habits that I perform daily. It’s what you do consistently everyday that matters, not what you do once in a while.  Small changes DO add up.  Slow weight loss is the best weight loss.  If you see someone lose weight quickly, chances are they will gain it back just as quickly.  I have used  these habits lined out in my 8 week plan to maintain my weight loss  for almost 20 years.   This plan is designed for clients who are new to clean eating,  or clients who are  semi-knowledgable  about Nutrition,  but need to revisit health habits and get back on track with the guidance of a plan.  You will have access to this plan forever  and can go back to it anytime you find  yourself getting off track. 



If you haven’t done so already, please send me you’re  BEFORE pictures and measurements.   These are more beneficial than weighing yourself, although I do want that number as well.  A lot of the success that comes from this program is INFLAMMATION!!   You WILL  notice reduced inflammation, bloating, improved digestion, and clearer skin.   Alternatively,  you may achieve weight loss and fat loss, but that’s not our main focus here.  Prepare to start.  Clean out all processed foods in your pantry and fridge. If it’s not there you won’t eat it. But what about my kids?  Why would you feed your  kids something that you’re not eating?  Start buying organic meats if you don’t already.  Eventually I would like for you to switch to ALL organic fruits and vegetables, but this is a good start.  This is a Whole Foods Plan.  If you don’t make it, you probably can’t eat it. Plan on making all your own meals and not eating out unless you can stick to the plan.  Don’t freak out!  This is a SLOW 8 week  plan, and  you are gradually introducing healthy habits.  After 8 weeks it will not be so uncomfortable.  You can’t expect change if you don’t change.  This is a program that you can go back to time and time again if you get off track.  It’s a science not a secret.  If you follow my plan you WILL lose weight and body fat.  Small changes add up.  Tell me what you’re  doing now and I’ll tell you where you will be a year from now.  Purchase a water bottle that is not plastic.   I have helped 100’s of my clients reach their weight loss goals.   Please trust me and allow me to give you my 20 years of knowledge.  This  information has been tried and tested on myself and hundreds of my  clients. It works! Let’s reach our goals and maintain our weight once and for all!

Quote: “INSANITY!”

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein


What do you take from this quote?  Maybe you have tried so many things before that haven’t worked? Why will this work?  Well, maybe you need a different perspective.  I always tell myself that the time will pass anyways.  I might as well work on my goals and become my best self.  Maybe this time is different for you. Maybe this time you are “all”  in!’   If you give this program 50%, that is what you shall receive in return.   Stick to each week as it comes.   7 days of doing the same thing over and over will create a habit , and then you can move on to the next task at hand.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!   Please D.M. me or e-mail me with any questions or if you need support.  Please jump on our weekly Facebook Lives for support.   Please keep a journal going through these 8 weeks and jot down anything from how your are feeling emotionally to how eliminating certain foods are making you feel.  This journal will be a great reference point for me if you decide to set up a consultation call.




Please get yourself a water bottle that is not plastic.  Check out our online store for water bottles.  PLEASE no plastic water bottles!  You are ingesting the chemicals used to make the bottles, especially if the water bottle sits in the sun.  I know it’s convenient to grab a plastic water bottle, but in the long run it will save you money and unnecessary toxins in your body.     Divide your weight in 1/2 and that is the amount of water in ounces a day that I want you to drink.  If it seems daunting, then use your “goal” weight as your number.  Eliminate soda, juice, energy drinks, and anything with added sugar.  Our only beverages will be unsweetened tea, coffee, and water.   If you drink sparkling water, please know it causes bloating.  It is not ideal if you are trying to get a flat stomach.  If you must have sparkling water occasionally, please limit  to  2 per week.  Just starting  this you will notice an immediate decrease in belly bloat.  I would recommend figuring out exactly how many times you need to fill up your water bottle and stick to it.  If you already logging in My Fitness Pal, please log your water!  This will keep you accountable. I tell my clients that if they can’t locate their water bottle, then you are  not drinking enough water.  This bottle will be your new best friend!  

Positive effects of drinking water include:

*Promotes weight loss

*Aids in digestion 

*Reduces hunger

*Raises metabolism

*Flushes out toxins

*Clearer skin

*Relieves constipation

*Boosts energy levels



No  processed coffee creamers period!  No arguing!  I have had 100’s of clients try to persuade me into allowing this and the answer is always no.  I am promoting a Whole Foods Nutrition Plan and the ingredients in coffee creamer are not on my plan.   Please limit coffee to one cup per day.  This includes drip coffee, French Press, or a double espresso.  You can drink an Americano or a Latte.  If you drink black coffee then you are amazing!   You can use sugar free almond and coconut milk in your coffee with a few drops of Stevia. I’ll attach  the links to the products I recommend.  There are also a few non-dairy creamers that I approve as well.    I know switching up your coffee is hard, but really?  Is it that hard?  Do you want to reach your goals?  If you do what you’ve always done, you will receive what you’ve always received.  Coffee is a huge issue with my Nutrition Clients.  I owned a coffee shop for 13 years and I know exactly how much sugar and calories are in all of the lattes.  I do an almond milk latte with stevia and raw cinnamon daily.  It has only 30 calories. 




There is no place for alcohol in my 8 week plan.  Willpower is the name of the game.  If alcohol hasn’t been doing you any favors, then maybe this is the wake up call that you need. Alcohol is a recipe for disaster!  If you drink over 2 drinks you will risk throwing your Nutrition goals out the window.  You tend to make poor food choices and your inhibition’s just fly out the window.  Alcohol can cause increased hunger and cravings for foods that you normally don’t eat.   If you need something during a social function, this is where your 2 day a week sparkling water will come in handy. I would recommend Zevia.  I will attach a link for this. If you are at a function you can ask for club soda with lemon and lime.  No one will even know you aren not drinking. I have found that it bothers other people more than it bothers me to not drink alcohol for some reason.   Misery likes company.  That’s why it’s hard for someone to eat chocolate cake  if you are not eating it along with them.  I have found that over the years that alcohol is a HUGE roadblock for my clients and their ability to lose weight and body fat. It can be done!  You can live with out alcohol for the duration of the weeks!  After this you will appreciate every drink that you have and you won’t abuse it.  Especially when  you see results on the scale!  Remember, you have the rest of your life to drink alcohol if you want.  For once, do this right!  Eliminate ALL alcohol.  Trust me the first time you go to a function and don’t drink you will come home and feel like you dodged a bullet.  You will be so proud of your willpower and you will realize you ARE fun even when you don’t drink!  The next day you won’t be hungover and you will be motivated to workout.



Digestion is such a huge issue with most people.  Unfortunately when you are not eating clean foods you risk slowing down your digestive system.  The older I got, the worse my digestive problems became. I remember being 10 years old and getting up from the table 30 minutes after eating and needing to eliminate. Elimination is a topic most clients do not want to discuss, but if you don’t get your GUT health corrected, you will struggle with weight loss.  I have met clients that are eliminating once a week!  We need to be eliminating at least once a day and two to three times a day  is even better.  If you are the type that eliminates  2-3 times a day without fail, then read on! If you are not one of those people then listen up.  I suffered from poor digestive health for years, and had to get 3 colonics a week for elimination to occur.   This was very costly, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.  I discovered a product that is costs under $20.00, that CURED me!  This product was and IS  a game changer!  I recommend Super Colon cleanse to ALL of my clients that are starting their health and fitness journey and for digestive maintenance.  I will attach the link on Amazon.  Start with the recommended dose and double the amount  if it doesn’t work.  Everyone is different and some clients get relief in one use,  some need a couple of days.  Take right before bed with 4-6 ounces of orange juice.  I don’t drink juice, but this is the only way I can choke this down.  It is a green powder and the scoop is small.  Put one scoop along with the orange juice in a mason jar and shake up.  Slam it!  Follow with at least 8 ounces of water.  The cleanse is all natural and will kick in after 4-7 hours.  Everyone is different, so be patient. As soon as you feel mild cramping, you will know it is starting to work.  Drinking room temperature water will speed up the elimination process.  Please expect to eliminate 3-4 times and don’t leave your house until after 10:00.a.m.  It’s hard to take the cleanse while you are working, so schedule a day that you can be at home without a lot of obligations.  Please feel free to DM or e-mail me with any questions or concerns.  I used to have to take this once a week until I got my digestive system working  properly.  If you are still having troubles eliminating daily on your own, I would  recommend taking a daily supplement called Swiss Kriss.  This is not as strong as the Super Colon Cleanse and you don’t have to worry about being married to your bathroom.  I like to take this when I travel, because we all know how our digestive systems act up when we get out of our normal routine.  I’ll attach the Amazon link for Swiss Kriss.  The pills are all natural and you take 2 daily.  I also take a daily probiotic called Super 8 Gold by Udo’s Choice.  I will attach the link.  My probiotic, protein powder, and magnesium are the only supplements that I take without fail on the daily!  Everything else I get from eating Whole Foods.  



Wow!  This is HUGE!  We as a society are not getting enough sleep.  If you have a fitness tracker please keep track.  Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night.  I know life happens and it’s not always feasible, but please do your best. Establish a bedtime and stick to it.  Even on the weekends try to keep the 8 hour goal. I recommend taking a Magnesium supplement that I will attach the link to.   I don’t take a lot of products,  but magnesium is a MUST!  I notice a huge difference if I forget to take it.

Here are the benefits of Magnesium.

*Relieves insomnia

*Protects your heart

*Reduces high blood pressure

*Improves digestion and alleviates constipation symptoms

*Protects against diabetes

*Combats asthma


Benefits of sleep:

*Boosts your immune system

*Helps your mental well being

*Supports brain function 

*Prevents weight gain

*Reduces inflammation


I find that getting enough sleep sets me up for a successful day.  I wake up rested ready to attack my health and fitness goals!  When we don’t get enough sleep we tend to make bad food choices and either blow off our workout or we don’t give  it 100%.  When you are rested,  you can conquer the World!  It truly is a game changer.  Magnesium is something that I use for sleep AND digestion. I don’t take a lot of supplements, but I do think Magnesium can benefit anyone.  



This is the most important thing anyone can do to reach their goals and change their health forever.   When you eat excess sugar, the extra insulin in your bodies  bloodstream can affect your arteries which is your body’s circulatory system.  It causes the  walls to grow faster than normal and get tense, which adds stress to your heart and damages it over time. This can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.  Here are some other reasons why sugar is bad for you.


*Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet 

*Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

*Your  immune function can be affected by sugar

*Sugar accelerates aging

*Sugar causes tooth decay

*Sugar is highly addictive and causes increased cravings


Sugar has 56 names!  Do your homework people!  Read this list!  Take it with you to the store.  We will attach a PDF for the 56 names that sugar has.  If you aren’t familiar please print this.  Using Whole Foods, which are foods that you have to prepare, you can take the guess work out of the equation.  I would invest in the book  Whole 30 by Melissa Hartwig. We will attach the Amazon link for the book.  This is a great read.  Her section on Sugar is very thorough, we will attach her quick reference sugar chart in case you don’t want to buy the whole book.

Understanding the difference between naturally occurring sugar and ADDED sugar is super important.  If you read the ingredients and there  is sugar, then you can’t have it.  That means there is ADDED sugar.  If the nutritional content had sugar listed in it, but there is no sugar in the ingredients, then you can have it.  This means that the sugar is naturally occurring.  This happens in foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

Don’t stress over this section.  Don’t overthink it.  Please ask for help if you need it.  If it’s easier to message me than do your own research that is fine. I know all the answers and have done all the research for you, so please ask.  This will be very eye opening to you when you discover how they are “adding” sugar to EVERYTHING!  I don’t get it!  Why would you add sugar to dried fruit?  It’s already sweeter than in its  raw state.  I tell all my clients, if you can do one thing for the rest of your life to improve your health, it is stop consuming ALL added sugar!  If you must have sugar after this 8 week period, I would recommend you tread very lightly with it, because it is highly addicting, right up there with Heroin.  I would only use raw local honey VERY sparingly!  



  I know what you’re thinking!  You have tried them and they taste like chalk right?  Well, you haven’t had Mel’s  Green Smoothies.   All my clients love my Green Smoothie Recipes  and make them daily.  They taste so good and have way more than enough calories to be called a meal.  They will keep you full for at least 4 hours.  I love adding the 2 cups of greens to my shake.  Most people are not getting enough green veggies. If you have this daily at least you will get some of your daily recommended greens in.  I think that this shake is a game changer for clients who don’t eat breakfast or just aren’t hungry in the morning.  It can even be made the night before and stored in a stainless steel bottle for the next day.  I did this for years and the shake was still nice and thick while I was drinking it throughout the day.  I love the taste of my Mel’s Green Smoothie and attribute it to my success of maintaining my weight for almost 20 years. It is easy to have all the ingredients on hand for this shake and can be made fairly quickly.  If you don’t have any food at least you can fall back on this.  I will attach the recipe.  Please feel free to change up the ingredients if you would like.  I don’t do well with dairy or whey, so I use Orgain Vanilla Protein Powder. I will attach the link for this powder.  It has a great taste and doesn’t upset my stomach. 

Use this shake to replace any meal.  I find most of my clients use this for their breakfast.  It’s simply a no brainer.



Roll your pants up people!  The water is rising!  By now you should be feeling much better.  I hope you are enjoying my plan.  It’s not so painful is it?

Ok clients!  It’s time to get to the nitty gritty!  We HAVE to log our food!  I know it’s an inconvenience, but I logged for over 15 years until I felt comfortable enough to stop.  I still use logging as a tool if I find my weight creeping back up.  Download My Fitness Pal.  Set the weight loss to 1-2 pounds a week depending on your goals.  If you need help setting this up please D.M. or e-mail me at no charge.   They should give you a general guideline on your caloric intake and MACROS.  If you would like a more detailed MACRO check or explanation of YOUR caloric intake, please set up a consult  call with me for 30 minutes at  the cost of $49.99.   This call will be very informative and well worth your time and money.  This is scientific backed information.  How much money have you spent on information that has no scientific backing?  Trust me, I have tried it all.  Let my 20 years of trial and error be your Pot Of Gold!  Log everything you eat or drink.  If you have an event planned at least try not to go over on your calories.  It is so eye opening when you start logging your food.   It keeps you from snacking.  Knowing you have to log it also gets you to start measuring.  When I am logging I use my food scale, measuring cups and spoons.  I will include a link for the food scale that I am using.  I like it because it shows grams and has a TARE measurement, which allows you to put a container on the scale and the zeros out the weight of the container.  I think that most people’s “guess”  of what a portion is, can be WAY off.  You will learn the Macros in your foods. Macronutrients  are fats, proteins, and carbs.  If you decide to set up a consult call I will educate you on how to properly hit your MACROS each day without fail.  After this week, please continue!  This isn’t for a minute, this is forever!  You can’t expect change, if you change nothing.  The outcome will ALWAYS be the same.  It’s the most user friendly APP!  I actually enjoy logging.  Please note that  ANYONE can input information into My Fitness Pal.  Therefore, please pay attention to the calories on foods, if it seems off, it probably is.  For best results type in U.S.D.A. after each food item.



I waited a while to spring this one on  you!  I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it’s time! Let’s pull this anti inflammatory food out of our diet for the last 3 weeks and maybe forever!  I promise if you give this a chance you will notice a difference. I have had 100’s of weight loss success stories and no one reached their goals by consuming cheese.  Here are the benefits of eliminating dairy.

*Weight loss

*Reduced cravings 

*Less illness

*Clearer skin

*Less inflammation

*Better digestion

*Reduced exposure to hormones

*Less mucus in throat and lungs


Cheese has been proven to be as addictive as drugs.  The dairy proteins inside can act as mild opiates.  Fragments of cheese protein, called casomorphins, attach to the same brain receptors as heroin and other narcotics.  As a result, each bite of cheese produces a hit of dopamine. It’s crazy I know!  But, if you are  a cheese addict and you find this challenging, here is the reason.  I promise you after a while, you won’t even miss it.  If you do choose to reintroduce cheese after this program I would recommend fermented cheeses, such as gorgonzola and blue cheese very sparingly.  They are salty, so you don’t need much to satisfy your palette.



What is gluten?  Gluten is a substance present in cereals, grains, and especially in wheat, that is responsible for the texture of dough.  A mixture of two proteins,  it causes illness in people with Celiac  disease.  Celiac’s  disease is on the rise.  Gluten is actually a Latin word; the direct English translation is “glue.”  So when gluten reaches the small intestine it then becomes exposed to your body’s defense mechanism, your immune system.  Normally, in foods without gluten, your attack cells are merely hanging out or passing by. When the attack cells see gluten, the fight is on and your immune system attacks gluten like a foreign bacteria.  Gluten can cause hormonal imbalances, skin problems, muscle and joint pain, head and nervous system issues, gut symptoms, and other internal diseases and problems.  Personally, I notice being mostly gluten free for almost 20 years is that I don’t have any bloating.  It reduced ALL inflammation in my stomach, which was my trouble area.  To this day, if I consume gluten I am severely ill.  That tells me that my body doesn’t  want and or need gluten in my life.


Here is a list of a few  foods that include gluten-


*Wheat Germ






*Graham Flour

*Kamut Matzo




Rest assure there are plenty of exciting foods left on the planet after eliminating gluten.

*Almond Flour


*Brown rice


*Coconut flour


*Jasmine Rice



I can’t express strongly enough how exercise has changed  my life! There are so many benefits to exercise I don’t even know where to start!  Exercise to me is like brushing my teeth, if I  forget, I feel really OFF all day.  Now you wouldn’t forget to brush your teeth would you?  I thing that prioritization is the key to my Melfit25 workouts.  I am an entrepreneur  and successful business Woman.  I have multiple tasks that need to be done everyday.  Like my appointments and tasks I schedule exercise just as much of a priority as any other appointment.  Do you really not have 25 minutes that you can carve out of your day to commit to your health and fitness goals? Ask yourself, is there something you are  doing now that is not as productive as working out that you can eliminate? I think there is.  We don’t realize it, but we can tend to “waste” a lot of time throughout the day.  Prioritize your  time.  You are worth it! Stop putting yourself and your health on the back burner.


Here are examples of the benefits of exercise:

*Sharper memory and thinking

*Increased self esteem 

*Better sleep

*More energy

*Stronger resilience

*Lowers your  heat rate

*Lowers your blood pressure

*Promotes weight loss

*Improves mood

*Creates muscle an definition 

I have designed my workouts to fit any age and ability. I pride myself on giving plenty of modifications throughout the videos.    Please don’t be afraid to start.  Just get a set of weights and a mat and START!  It’s just that easy!  JUST START!  Stop overthinking it.  Stop waiting for the stars to align.  Stop waiting for everything on your to do list to be done.  Food for thought.  Maybe you accomplish WAY more in each day BECAUSE  of the increased energy that Melfit 25 workouts are giving you.


If you haven’t already began exercising on my program, now is the time to do so.  I recommend starting with walking 5,000 steps a day and building up to 10,000 steps. 

You can lose weight by diet alone, but exercising will speed things up and you will be way more toned and strong.  Please start my Melfit 25 workouts at least 3 times  a week and build up your frequency as you gain strength. I personally workout 6 days a week and take one active rest day a week off.  After this final week please feel free to set up a consult call for 60 minutes at $99.00 to discuss a more client specific Nutrition Plan.


If you are reading this you have completed Melfit’s 8 week  JUST START Nutrition plan!  There is scientific evidence behind this plan.  I have studied clients habits for years and I know what works and what doesn’t.  If you are a hard hitter and you want to jump ahead on the program to the next week, by all means, go for it! If you think you have the willpower and  motivation do it, please be my guest.    For everyone else, please enjoy the ease of my program.  Just take each week as it comes and focus on the one thing that you are assigned for that week and try not  to think or worry about what is ahead.   More than likely, other good habits will fall into place  and you will leave this program wishing you had met me sooner.  I am teaching clients to lose  weight and body fat and maintain it forever!  No more fad diets!  No more yo-yo dieting!  This is it people!  You have found what you are looking for.  Follow my Cooking Videos for healthy recipes and stick to the plan!  Please don’t forget to send me your AFTER pictures.


Clients often ask why I don’t issue an 8 week meal plan?

Heres the answer.   It doesn’t work for most people!  Are you going to eat the same foods I give you on an 8 week plan for the rest of your life?  Heck no! I am a chef and I love flavors  and trying new recipes!  Mixing it up is what has kept me going.  I try at least  2 recipes a week and share them with you on the APP.  I will never stop experimenting with food.  As long as your a subscriber, you will receive  amazing recipes!  This is what people are overlooking!  The ease of my program!  Don’t overthink it JUST START.  I have already done all the research for you on everything from food to exercises, TRUST ME! I want to teach you to become an expert in the Whole Foods that your body does well with and put them into thousands of recipes that will last you a lifetime!  No more boring meal plans that have you  eating the same foods day in and day out!  I can’t do it! I can’t eat boring food for the rest of my life and I don’t want you to either.  I want to keep you excited and have longevity!



Thank you for embarking on this  8 week journey with me.  Please send me your “after” pictures when you are done.  If you don’t want to share publicly please specify. I can also block your face from the picture if you would like.  Congrats! You made it!  Please share with me how proud you are of yourself!



Where do I go from here Coach Mel? Stay tuned…………..

Phase 2 is right around the corner!  Remember, I won’t graduate you from Phase 1 unless you have done it 100%!  Be ALL in for once! What have you got to lose except unwanted body fat, weight, and bad habits. Please let me know how you did on this 8 week program!  I  love hearing from my clients.  It’s when my clients are quiet,   that I worry.  I am your COACH!  Lean on me!  Safety in numbers!  Let me give you ALL my knowledge to achieve your best self! Thank you everyone for taking my Melftit 8 week “JUST START” Nutrition Plan.  Until we meet again in  Phase 2!  BE STRONG! HAVE HEART!  



P.S.  Please don’t even CONSIDER  moving on to Phase 2 if you haven’t completely mastered all 8 weeks.  It won’t do you any good. This approach works, please trust  the process.  My clients love that I don’t RIP the bandaid off all at once, but that I slowly peel it back.  This sets you up for long term success!

“If you don’t enjoy the journey, you will never be happy at the destination. “ 


After I have received your Before  and After pictures from Phase 1, I’ll e-mail you Phase 2 Nutrition Plan so that you can get started right away! Cheers to your health success! 



Melissa Valdovinos


Personal Trainer

Nutrition Coach

Food Prep Coach

Marathon Coach

Life Coach