3 Day Detox

This is NOT your typical detox!

This is EVERYTHING I wish the typical bulls**t plans I have purchased over the years would have been. I have removed anything that does not coincide with my Melfit morals and values, and I have ADDED reasonable tasks that can be performed by ANYONE without starvation or headaches from going super low fat and low carb. We are going to get REAL results without the deprivation that you may have experienced in the past. I know when I used to hear about a cleanse or detox I would dread it for all of the above reasons. You have NEVER experienced a DETOX like MELFIT before! I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised after 3 days and the corners of your mouth MAY turn up with happiness and excitement about your health and future. I wrote this 3 day detox for many reasons. I think it’s a great idea to perform my Melfit Detox several times a year, and especially after the Holidays or a vacation. I have many clients who have requested a detox over the years. If you are already eating Whole Foods, this plan will be a breeze. If you are NOT eating Whole Foods then this is a great way to jumpstart your health goals and it will ease you into any of my other beginner, intermediate, or advanced meal plans. I like the ease of this 3 day plan, because unlike my intermediate and advanced plans, you don’t need to submit photos, measurements, or do any checking in. You CAN take pictures for your own benefit, but it is NOT required. I would take a front, back, and side view of yourself with good lighting, wearing a swimsuit or shorts for men. The side view is the best way to see results, especially in your abdomen. My detox is not focused on weight loss, but more so on losing water weight, inflammation, improve digestion, increase energy, and clear skin. There are many components in this detox that I practice daily and other steps I do periodically when needed. These tips and tricks have worked for me and many of my clients over the years. I am excited to get this on paper, so you can also benefit from this detox for years to come. The Monthly APP fee is $29.99. That’s only $1.00/day and your get unlimited access to our recipes and workouts. You WILL need to be on the MELFIT APP to access the 3 day detox, but you can cancel anytime. If you like the content and see the value of investing in your health, there is no need to do anything further after the detox, as it is yours to keep. If you need a little more information, please set up a complimentary 15 minute consultation with me and we can discuss your health and fitness needs and goals. I have a plan for anyone at any health and fitness level. Thank you for taking this journey with me! This 3 days will give you a glimpse into what Melfit is all about. You won’t be starving I promise! Although the calories on this detox are a little lower than my other plans, just keep in mind this is a SHORT term plan. This is not a cabbage diet, juice cleanse, military diet, or any other fad diet that you may have tried over the years. I think you are going to enjoy my detox. You WILL be eating Whole Foods and AGAIN, this is NOT a juice cleanse! I can’t give away all of my secrets, so with that being said…………..… will just have to see what I have in store for you! There is minimal prep time for the Melfit 3 Day Detox and you can literally start just a couple of days after purchasing. Try doing this with a friend for support! Tag someone that you think may benefit from the Melfit 3 Day Detox in the comments or forward this information to a like minded person. If you need a gift card for someone, this makes the perfect gift at ONLY $29.99! I am sure you have spent more money than that on things that haven’t worked. How do I join?

Download the Melfit APP.

Purchase the Melfit 3 Day Detox in our store.

We will unlock your detox after we see that you have signed up for the Melfit APP and purchased the Melfit 3 Day Detox. After that you are free to start any day you choose. You will be provided with a shopping list of all the items needed and all recipes will be printable and instructional videos are also available. Even the most beginner cook can prepare my easy recipes on the Melfit APP.

My team and I will be standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have and support you in any way we can.

Thank you for choosing Melfit for all your health and fitness needs. Please e-mail me at to be added to our private Facebook Group, Melfit Connect.

Cheers to your health! I look forward to connecting, inspiring, and motivating you! Be strong! Have heart!

Coach Mel


"I did the 3 day detox right after Christmas.. I felt like crap my face was broke out and just needed to do something to reset and prepare going into the 6wk shred.
I loved all the food, even my husband was raving about it and my 9yr old daughter split my morning smoothie with me (she loves mel’s smoothies).
Personally it was the perfect amount of food. I did want a snack but out of habit not hunger.
I lost exactly 1lb each day probably could have been more if I did a workout during the 3 days and I felt so much better and my acne started clearing up."


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