MelFit Gut Flush Plan

A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, and effective digestion. A healthy gut may also help prevent some cancers and auto-immune diseases.

What benefits can I expect from the MelFit Gut Flush?

  • Weight loss
  • Restore Gut Flora
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Clearer Skin
  • More energy
  • Improve Digestion
  • Less Bloating
  • Reduces Gas

Over time waste can build up on the intestinal tract and colon and become harmful to digestive health. It is a good idea to do a digestive cleanse for body detoxification, relief of occasional constipation, and create a healthy probiotic environment for the gut. Your gut is your second brain. Our gut and brain are connected through millions of nerves. The gut and its microbes control inflammation, this is why ANYONE can benefit from the MelFit Gut Flush plan. Let me help you actually be connected with your gut and understand what is and what is not normal. Not eliminating daily is not normal. Being bloated daily is not normal. Feeling low energy and lethargic is not normal. Are you ready to start feeling better? Then read on………………

How was MelFit Gut Flush born?:
MelFit Gut Flush was born due to my own issues……your welcome! When I was 27 I opened up my first business, a drive-thru coffee stand. I went from managing restaurants and working late hours, to getting up at 4:30 in the morning. We didn’t have a bathroom inside my coffee stand so I had to run out to the Port-O-Potty when time permitted. When I first opened my business I was blessed with immediate success. This was great, but when would I get to go to the bathroom? My body would hold it and when I got home I never eliminated like I should have. I couldn’t seem to break the circadian rhythm that my body was used to. I couldn’t go that early in the morning and I certainly wasn’t running to the potty while I had 3 cars on each side working alone. This created my worst nightmare. I was getting more and more backed up and feeling lethargic. I know the processed foods I was eating and the major caffeine I was drinking weren’t helping either. My belly was distended and I was gaining weight quickly. I sought out help from a Naturopathic Dr. who performed colonics on me. It was very expensive and very humiliating to have to do this. I would have to go 3 days a week for several weeks just to get my system going again. I was tired of paying this money and I didn’t have the time to keep doing this. I was going to figure this out once and for all.
I started researching and found these amazing products which you are about to get access to. I just about kick myself every time I think of how much money I have spent to get my gut right on colonics, supplements, and cleanses that didn’t work or that gave short-term results. I am honored to have created the Melfit Gut Flush to continue to help more clients with this ongoing issue. This is a plan that will give you the knowledge that you need to balance your gut flora forever.

Why I created this plan?:
One of the questions I ask my clients before entering into a nutrition plan is how is their gut health; ie how many times a day do they eliminate. Sadly, most of the time the answer is every other day or even once a week. Although there are many other reasons to enter into my Melfit Gut Flush Plan, this is the MAJOR reason! I always message my clients back and let them know that this is a MAJOR roadblock and will prevent weight loss. Before entering into a nutrition plan this has to be addressed. The good news is that the Melfit Gut Flush can be done in conjunction with any of my nutrition plans. Also, as a side note; even the “cleanest” clients are surprised how they benefited from the MelFit Gut Flush. I hear this all the time………”I’m good! I don’t need to cleanse!” Well, guess what? Anyone can benefit from the MelFit Gut Flush. Just when you think you are “squeaky” clean, you will be surprised by what is attached to the walls of your colon.


What can I expect?
I let clients know that we will be taking a series of all-natural supplements over approximately a month. The supplements are not included in the price, but nothing I recommend is very costly considering the benefits and they are way cheaper than colonics or the other alternative when it gets really bad which is hospitalization.
You thought colonics were bad? Wait until you have Dr’s scraping the inside of your you know what. It doesn’t get better my friends, it gets worse without prevention and treatment and I am offering you an all-natural path to gut health.
Is there support?
Yes, I advise every step of the way on dosage and what to take when. This is NOT a self-guided plan.

Will I get immune to these supplements, because everything I have ever taken does not work after time.

No, you will not get immune to these supplements, I have been taking them for over 20 years now.
Is this something that I should do periodically?
Yes, this is just like Spring Cleaning. I will teach you how often to use these supplements for the best results.



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