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My anti-inflammatory recipes are full of flavor and can be easily prepared by even the novice cook. My at home 25 minute workouts are full body and only require a mat, a positive attitude, and a set of dumbbells.

MelFit 365

  • Focus on long-term goals and commit to a year-long journey of personal development, health, and wealth building.
  • Trust the process and embrace the idea that "messy" efforts can lead to significant success.
  • Challenge yourself to achieve optimal health, as it can pave the way for achieving other goals.
  • Start before you feel ready, as taking risks and embracing imperfection can lead to personal growth and success.


My meal plans free you from calorie/macro counting and wondering if you are eating enough of the right foods to reach your goals.

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Real People. Real Results.


With the help of MelFit and Melissa Valdovinos, I have taken control of my life again from out of control weight gains. Through nutritional education and personal support I have made changes in my nutrition and health that I have lost 96 pounds so far and still losing. This has all given me a new outlook on life physically and mentally.


I'm beyond grateful for Mel and her program. If I could give it 10 stars I would give the program a million I can't believe I almost reached my goal in 12 weeks I only have 14.9lbs more to go!!! I feel so blessed and thankful!!!!


I started this program overweight and exhausted. I was terrified but I was so ready and eager for a change that I took the plunge into this amazing lifestyle. Coach Mel has opened a whole new world for me and I am beyond grateful.


I’m so happy I spoke with Melissa and started this journey. I was hesitant at first…when I started I was a mom, wife, graduate student, and working 3 jobs. I couldn’t spare an hour at the gym but Melfit showed me that I can spare 25 minutes a day and get results!

Meet Coach Mel

The creator of MelFit, Melissa Valdovinos is a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Chef, Food Prep Coach, Food Shopping Expert, Marathon Coach, Magazine Publisher, Life Coach, Wealth Coach, and Podcast Creator

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Creating sustainable solutions for long lasting health, wellness, and well being. To squash fad diets and misinformation though education and science. To teach the World that eating Whole Foods and exercising is the “only” way to ensure longterm health and wellness.

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