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"If you don't enjoy the journey, you will never reach your destination"



This plan is perfect for anyone who is ready to start their health and fitness journey at a slower pace, or anyone who has plateaued and needs a reset.


This plan is perfect for anyone who has gone through my 8 Week “Just Start” program.

I just want to start out with using the analogy that there is truly no “ceiling” when it comes to your health and fitness.

I created this plan for anyone who wants to get a “taste” of what my 12 Week Bootcamp looks like.

This plan is perfect for any MelFit client who has just completed a meal plan and wants to maintain or continue reaching their goals.

This is NOT your typical detox! This is EVERYTHING I wish the typical plans I have purchased over the years would have been. 


What we offer

MelFit is a healthy lifestyle app that delivers fresh content 5 days a week. Our content  includes my custom MelFit 25 minute workouts, advanced  6 Week Shred workouts, healthy recipes, and  Podcasts.   My beginner/intermediate workouts require a mat and dumbbells.  If  weight loss is your goal we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced nutrion meal plans.  We promise to  teach, inspire, and motivate you daily!


MelFit Transformations

Sara T

Completed 12 Week & 6 Week

"Down 17.8 pounds! Never felt hungry! I had so much more energy it was crazy!"

Sharon M 

Completed 8 Week & 12 Week

"I Started Oct. 2nd and and as of Feb 27th I have lost 43lbs. I am very Excited"

Keith W

Completed 8 Week & 12 Week

"I Have lost 96 pounds so far and still losing"

Haley S

Completed 8 Week & 12 Week

" For $1 a day, you can earn all the tools you need to loose that weight and keep 

Tami D

Completed 8 Week & 12 Week

"I have lost 11.4 pounds and over 10 inches after completing 6 weeks!!" 

Andrea K

Completed 8 Week & 12 Week

"I lost 23.6 pounds and 17.75 inches in 12 weeks.....HOLY WOW!!!"

Suzy T

Completed 8 Week & 12 Week

 "I have learned sooo much from this 12 weeks, it was absolutely worth every single penny!" 

Jean S

Completed 6, 8, & 12 Week

"I just finished MelFit 12 week boot camp and lost 16 lbs and 20.9in."

Melaine D

Completed 6 Week Shred

 "I am 46 years old and have struggled with my weight since I was 14."

Katie P

Completed 12 Week Bootcamp

"Just a few short weeks to change your life forever"

Josh M

Completed 8 Week & 12 Week

"If you want a change in your life even if you're a little scared like I was, MelFit is your answer."

Shana G

Completed 12 Week Bootcamp

"I feel great and got some of my confidence back."




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